Kilimani Project Foundation (Kenya)

Creating Community Spaces 

Healthy living is a crucial aspect of modern urban lives. Amid the various health challenges that come with preservative added foods and the dangers of chemical use in the food cultivation process, the need for guaranteed healthy organic food has arisen. Kilimani Organic Farmers Market started towards the end of October 2016 as a way of bringing healthy food to the people of Kilimani. The market runs every Sunday as a partnership between the Kilimani Project Foundation, Kilimani Primary School and the Organic Farmers Market. Kilimani Primary school is one of the oldest public schools in Nairobi, located at the heart of Kilimani.

But the concept behind the market goes far beyond just selling food and other items. The market is also a space and an opportunity for ‘Kilimanians’ to come together, get to know each other over a cup of coffee or a meal. They also get to spend time in one of the few public spaces in the neighbourhood. Kids have an opportunity to play on the bouncing castle or swim at the school swimming pool which is open to the public.

The market also aims at benefiting the school, which mainly attracts students from the nearby informal settlements, through ploughing back proceeds towards improving the schools facilities or various needs that the school has. The market is also working towards teaching the school agricultural club organic farming methods at the school farm.

The response from the community has been phenomenal with Kilimani Residents turning up in good numbers, interacting  with their friends, getting to know others, and building community through the space. 

Watch a video of the Kilimani Organic Farmers Market

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