Should I Attend the Summit? 

Do you work for a community philanthropy organization, (so a community foundation, a social justice or women's fund, a grassroots grantmaker, a national grantmaking fundraising foundation?) Do you have good stories to tell or practices to share on building local cultures of giving, on engaging community members around local development issues and fighting apathy or a dependency mind-set, or on how small grants can support and grow great ideas at the grassroots that lie beyond the reach of big funders?

Are you a funder – public, private, or any other – who is interested in shifting more power to communities and / or to the most marginalized groups? Are you looking for ways that external resources can catalyze and build on local assets and ideas, rather than undermine or displace them? Are you interested in engaging and building partnerships with emerging local philanthropic and other non-traditional actors?

Do you work for an NGO that believes that successful long-term development depends on the strength of a strong locally-run, locally-supported civil society sector? Are you looking for – or have you developed – new tools that support the growth of different kinds of local assets, that give greater voice to local communities, or that build mutual accountability between donors and recipients?  

Do you represent a philanthropic or civil society network, or a research or academic institution, that is looking for new and creative funding strategies for civic action or that is exploring or working with new and hybrid forms of both donor and civil society organization?

If the answer is “Yes,” or even “Sort of,” then the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy is for you!

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