'Since our GFCF Latin American Convening in Uruguay this year, I have been very enthusiastic about attending the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy. A time to celebrate we are all together, sharing and seeking to work to strengthen our communities to foster a movement of positive change. Following the Summit theme, at ICOM, we are going through a #ShiftThePower moment, implementing development tools such as a community-based participatory research and fostering participatory giving through giving circles. This is just the right time for us to be there! We are looking forward to get some tools to spread the word on community philanthropy in a narrative that people understand and get involved. We want to raise awareness on the importance of people-led development in Brazil!

ICOM is also proud to be part of two community philanthropy networks: the Network of Independent Funds for Social Justice and the Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations. The Gathering in Johannesburg allows us to connect with those fellow community philanthropy leaders, meet them face-to-face and strengthen our ties even more!'

People Behind the Summit