Andrés Thompson

Independant (Argentina / Uruguay)

"I have been involved for more than thirty years in helping build the field of philanthropy in Latin America and the Caribbean in various roles. I have participated and witnessed the creation of new and innovative organizations aiming to play their role of donors in more participatory, democratic and people-focused ways. These organizations based in various countries are bringing new perspectives about the role of philanthropy in development. In my case I collaborate with the ELLAS Program on women and philanthropy in Argentina, with the Fondo Región Colonia in Uruguay and coordinate the Social Justice Philanthropy Network in Brazil.

For these organizations, pioneers in community philanthropy in their countries, the Summit could be a turning point in their development since it will be a great opportunity to reflect on their own practices, learn from their peers and continue in the path of building a new narrative for the field of philanthropy in Latin America as whole.

I am happy to play a modest role in this process and look forward to meeting my colleagues and friends in Joburg!"

People Behind the Summit