“The debate on community philanthropy, in all its forms and applications, as a sure way of promoting sustainable community led-development is a foregone conclusion. Mainstream development organizations have joined the bandwagon in adopting the approach over the years but we - as practitioners who have been at this for some time now and in keeping with our innovative spirit - have to ask ourselves: what next for this growing field?

This question becomes my motivation in attending and actively participating in the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, arguably the most authoritative gathering of community philanthropy practitioners, to share and benchmark what we do at KCDF as well as a sector in exploring new frontiers and applications of what local community philanthropy can achieve in building assets for communities that we partner with in the execution of our mandates. 

KCDF continues to be proudly affiliated with Global Fund for Community Foundations, and by extension the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, in the promotion of knowledge sharing among development organizations in the philanthropy eco-system while contextualising community philanthropy as a development approach in advocating for social justice.”

People Behind the Summit