"I have been working for two years as the Communications and Fundraising Officer at Fondazione Provinciale della Comunità Comasca, a community Foundation in the district of Como, in northern Italy.

Nowadays most of the work of our foundation is aimed at understanding the role of community philantropy in a changing society: public resources are decreasing and the new challenge for small Italian NGOs  is to grow the relations they have, in order to catalyze the resources of the community. So the mission of our community foundation is strenghtening the capacity of the non profit organizations in our area, and providing them with the expertise and the human resources necessary to act effectively and sustainably. We are trying to achieve this ambitious mission through three different strategic pillars: building partnerships and alliances with a view to increasing our collective impact; helping nonprofits to become more sustainable; and, supporting projects that will improve nonprofit's capacities and their abilities to achieve impact.

This Summit, for our foundation, I hope will be a learning platform: thanks to the expertise of other foundations from all over the world, we would like to understand how to serve our community even better, becoming a lighthouse for the NGOs in our area."

People Behind the Summit