Sadhana Shrestha

Tewa (Nepal)

"Tewa is a women's fund in Nepal which has grown out of feminist politics - its genesis is in philanthropy for equitable justice and peace. Philanthropy is in fact inherent in Nepalese society, but while funds have traditionally been given for religious and cultural reasons, such giving is more and more shifting, to address social causes affecting Nepalese citizens. Tewa believes that such local resource mobilization - building, protecting and mobilizing local assets and indigenous knowledge for the betterment of communities - is the only way 'development' really happens and social change is possible.

 As members of many national and international organizations (Association for Women’s Rights in Development, Foundations for Peace, International Human Rights Funders Group, Prospera – International Network of Women's Funds, Women’s Funding Network, as well as national Nepalese networks working for women's rights and justice) it will be exciting and interesting for Tewa to share with various actors the important role that community philanthropy can play in changing the status quo. We are also hoping that interactions with a range of actors will provide us with the opportunity to broaden our own lens and strengthen our work - ultimately adding value to the communities, especially women, we work for and with. Tewa is excited to be a part of this important Summit!"

People Behind the Summit