Jacqueline Netto-Lyman

Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust (Sri Lanka)

"The Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust (NTT) is proud to be associated with the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy, and looks forward to building new alliances and links that will help grow our work. We are also eager to share our experiences at this important platform, bringing with us varied stories and actions of individual and collective efforts to develop and nurture communities here in Sri Lanka.

 As a local grantmaker, NTT is constantly striving to listen to the various voices that form the community; to use the strategic position that we occupy as facilitators and as catalysts to communicate community concerns and needs to our own donors and ensure that the funds, provided in trust, help citizens to gain agency as informed participants in society. At the same time, we continue to navigate a landscape of shrinking resources for Sri Lanka and, in this scenario, learning and experiences that could help us forge partnerships locally that result in greater resources for communities would be of immense benefit. We believe our participation in the Summit will help us gain new insights regarding how to set about this goal.

 NTT also stands at the cusp of yet another phase of its journey, strategizing around how in the future we can best serve the community we aim to serve; the learning we can take away from this timely Summit will surely inform our activities over the next years. We wish the Global Fund for Community Foundations the very best as it steers the way towards the Summit, and for an energized exchange of opinions and ideas!"

People Behind the Summit