Abigail Burgesson

African Women's Development Fund (Ghana)

"It is exciting to be part of this conversation on community philanthropy and to be playing an active role towards delivering this Global Summit! Having played a central role in organizing the African Grantmakers Network  Assembly in 2015 (now the Africa Philanthropy Network), I am excited to see the conversation on philanthropy continuing with a different focus and dimension on community philanthropy organizations. Such institutions are key drivers for local resource mobilization and increased support for local development solutions, so these are very energizing conversations to be a part of. 

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is associated with the Summit because it is committed to the promotion of an African agenda for philanthropy and believes in strengthening links with global philanthropic networks and institutions to encourage increased support for local development issues on the continent. As a result, AWDF is always keen to work in partnership, and in solidarity with, other African grantmaking foundations to maximise philanthropic resources in Africa and to showcase the efforts and impact of African philanthropy and philanthropists (particularly in the area of social justice philanthropy).

I reckon this Summit will provide valuable space for connectivity: to establish links and intersections, and for various philanthropic actors to connect the dots between community foundations, women’s funds, feminist philanthropy organizations, social justice actors, etc. but more importantly to identify, build, strengthen and complement each other’s work."

People Behind the Summit