"The emergence of community foundations, particularly in many regions of the Global South, in the past few years has brought with it a positive trend of programming that supports civil society activism, community-led innovation and addresses the root causes and structural mechanisms of inequality, injustice and poverty. In regions of overt armed conflict and persistent and reinforcing injustices, where foreign aid and top-down philanthropic models have had limited impact, this new breed of community foundations is playing roles of paramount importance by supporting social change agendas that are locally owned and driver. They are in a unique position to drive and support this work because of their rootedness in the communities, and their knowledge of the deep-seated issues and power relations. 

For the Working Group on Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace, which is committed to strengthening philanthropy's impact on social justice and peace issues, the Summit is a timely and necessary event to build the momentum of this burgeoning field, and to help it develop, connect and strengthen. We are thrilled that the GFCF is at the helm of this exciting moment in philanthropy!"  

People Behind the Summit