'Fondazione di comunità San Gennaro ONLUS was founded with the support of the Fondazione Con Il SUD on 16 December 2014 in Rione Sanità, a neighborhood within the city of Naples. Rione Sanità is located at the foot of the Capodimonte hill and because of its location is considered a suburb in the center of Naples. Its isolation meant that the neighborhood lived more and more within itself, with little interaction with the rest of Naples. In the most severe cases, this has caused situations of degradation and crime that have led to its ghettoisation. 

The Foundation brought together all the organizations that had been working in Rione Sanità for years, to give stability to what had already been achieved and also to promote new projects, through art, the culture of giving and innovation. Within Fondazione San Gennaro there are:  Co-Operazione San Gennaro Association (the Third Sector Operators who work together to promote a culture of courage and foster social cohesion to enable a change from below); profit and non-profit organizations; entrepreneurs; parishes (Santa Maria della Sanità and San Severo alla Sanità); and a network of local merchants. They work as a partnership and in ten years have generated: a socialcooperative that has enhanced the historical and artistic heritage of the catacombs by investing in young human resources of the territory;  an orchestra for children and young people; a reception centre for mothers and children; a recording studio; a creative metal workshop, two Bed & Breakfast units converted from old convents, a drama workshop, an after-school and play space for children, a social cooperative that promotes entrepreneurial activities and facilitates the integration of the workforce normally excluded from the employment market.

Working in the Foundation gave me the opportunity to open my horizons, and I firmly believe in the possibility of returning to people their true identity, to give back dignity. I am sure that the Summit will be an enriching experience. I'm really excited! It is a really great responsibility to bring a piece of Naples to South Africa!'

People Behind the Summit