Wendy Richardson

Global Fund for Community Foundations (Belgium)


"When she wants to complain about something’s utility (or lack thereof), my Granny often uses the phrase “as useful as a chocolate teapot.” Soon after starting my job with the GFCF in January 2014, I began hearing about a Global Summit on Community Philanthropy - I’ll admit now, I had a bit of a “chocolate teapot” reaction. I suffer easily from conference fatigue, and my first thought was “who needs another one?” So why, despite this, am I excited about the Summit?

It’s likely because, for us at the GFCF, we’ve never really thought of the Summit as a conference. It’s rather one step in a much longer process to raise the profile of a potentially extremely powerful element of civil society: community philanthropy. The impressive network of organizations already involved in preparations for the Summit (from the Advisory Committee, to those undertaking research in advance of December, to our co-hosts) are also all working to ensure this won’t be just an interesting two days, forgotten as participants return to their offices, emails and day-to-day realities, but rather a real game-changer for this essential, but all too often overlooked, field."

People Behind the Summit